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Coaching business leaders to embed sustainability

  • Does your business's purpose drive value for your customers, employees and wider stakeholders beyond the short term?

  • What does sustainable success mean for your business and for you as a leader in an increasingly ESG (Environmental, Social, Governance) driven world?

  • Is ESG at the heart of your business?

  • What contribution is your business making to the wider ecosystem?

We give you, as leaders, the time and space to unlock the key to creating Sustainable Success for you and your organisation.

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What do we mean by Sustainable Success?

 We are at a pivotal moment in history: a once-in-a-lifetime pandemic; our workplaces and practices are in a state of flux and evolution; employees and external stakeholders alike are asking for more from businesses than ever before and our climate is in crisis. Investing in and listening to clients and employees of all levels has never been more important, and evidence tells us that creating sustainable value is essential for profitability, talent retention, wider societal impact and the environment. Navigating through these circumstance as a leader is often overwhelming, no matter where you are on the journey.


That's where we can help.

  • Through ensuring Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) strategies are embedded and driven through your organisation, you can future-proof your business, your people and the planet.  ​

  • Through helping leaders become the best version of themselves, you allow them to bring their authentic selves to work, understand where they are on the journey to sustainable success and maximise their potential for themselves and for their businesses.

  • Through engaging with teams and stakeholders to create a shared sense of purpose and values, you can increase staff satisfaction. ​

  • Through embedding robust strategies and culture shifts to ensure Diversity and Inclusion, you can be part of the change whilst strengthening your teams - truly diverse teams are the best teams.

Our one-to-one and team leadership coaching is bespoke to your team and your business...wherever you are on your journey, we are here to support you and your business.  We know that every step forward, whether a complete cultural shift or coaching to support individual leaders, drives positive change for businesses and for our world - in other words, it ensures we're on the journey to Sustainable Success.  We are passionate about supporting our clients in maximising their impact as successful, sustainable businesses with positive societal input.  

Coaching for your sustainability journey, wherever you are...

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Why work with Sustainable Success?

 We are a team of executive coaches who have extensive experience working with senior teams and sizable businesses on tackling their most pressing issues around sustainability and success.

Leaders now need to think and act very differently in the world of work today. They are being challenged by multiple stakeholders to build organisations that “do the right thing”.   


Businesses must now consider their impact on stakeholders beyond their Boards and their shareholders. These often competing requirements are being thrown at leaders at pace.

Building your business based on purpose and core beliefs creates value and expands ambition.  It helps you attract and retain talent. It creates a shared framework of values that aids collaboration in our new world of hybrid and remote working. 

By focusing on advancing societal goals as well as financial performance your business can benefit from strategic and operational advantages that result in increased productivity.

We can help you and your team to focus on key areas to future-proof your business. 


Our purpose:  

  • We are passionate about building successful, sustainable businesses from the inside.

  • We help you align individual and corporate drivers on your journey to Sustainable Success.  

  • We work with you to agree a shared sense of purpose for your organisation.

  • We listen and we help you to hear.

  • We support, we challenge and we hold you to account.

  • We create lasting, collaborative change for your business, your people and our world.

We work with you to:

1. Create competitive advantage in an increasingly ESG aware world
2. Improve brand and reputation

3. Improve talent attraction and retention

4. Increase employee engagement

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Coaching with Sustainable Success


How we work:

  • We work with a proven methodology that allows you to identify and connect your business's purpose and values with its strategic outcomes


  • We provide bespoke individual, team and group coaching to meet you wherever you are on your journey to Sustainable Success


  • We partner with you to agree and embed a shared sense of societal purpose for your business


  • We listen and we help you hear


  • We support, we challenge and we hold you to account​

In short, we partner with you to align individual and corporate drivers to ensure Sustainable Success for your people, your business and your stakeholders.

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Our results:

1. A clearly defined shared sense of purpose and strategy that is at the heart of everything that you do for all of your stakeholders

2. Agreed attitudes and behaviours that enable you to embed Sustainable Success within your business

3. A living ESG roadmap for ensuring your purpose and strategy are intrinsic to your culture


About us


Michelle Bramley

Michelle is an executive coach, non-executive director and board advisor working across commercial and not for profit sectors with a strong focus on sustainability/Environmental, Social and Governance issues.


Michelle’s coaching style is reflective and business solutions focused. She combines deep empathetic listening with supportive challenge that enables clients to be the best version of themselves as business leaders. Using her professional experience and experiences from her own personal journey, Michelle supports business leaders as they identify their goals, develop their authentic leadership style and achieve their full potential. Her experience includes working with business leaders bringing teams together to drive cultural, digital and organisational transformation agendas. She also partners with leaders to help them think through how they respond to strategic challenges and opportunities.


Michelle's executive coaching work draws on her thirty years' experience as an international lawyer and business leader, coach and mentor in a variety of legal and senior management roles at Freshfields Bruckhaus Deringer, one of the world's leading international law firm as well as her more recent work as a non-executive director and board adviser.  


She has worked across countries and across cultures, leading dispersed and diverse high performing teams. She has a track record of strategic insight in relation to Environmental, Social and Governance issues and in delivering organisational, digital and cultural transformation.

Contact Michelle 


Michelle Fadil

Michelle has spent over 20 years working with global supply chains in the publishing industry, pushing the sustainability agenda and developing high performing, inclusive, international teams.  Michelle’s passion for sustainability drives commercial success boosted through environmental and social responsibility. 


Experienced in the leadership of both large corporate (Penguin Random House) and startup businesses, Michelle has created corporate strategies to drive and own the sustainability agenda.


Having spent a large proportion of her career coaching and mentoring, Michelle is passionate about developing teams and individuals, enabling them to be the best version of themselves through broad, systemic awareness and through a shared sense of purpose. Michelle works to release and realise potential, define and achieve goals, whilst empowering with tools to build confidence and resilience for a sustainable future.

Contact Michelle

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Kim Matalon

Kim has a 20+ year career first as a strategic management consultant with Booz-Allen & Hamilton, a large global consulting company and finally, more recently, as the Head of Leadership, Learning Talent and Culture for Barclays International.  Over the years, she has honed her consulting and coaching skills working with C-suite and senior leaders on their most pressing development issues while also creating strong interconnected and commercial talent functions within Barclays.


Kim is currently an  executive coach and talent advisor who brings her extensive background in developing organisations, cultures, leaders and individuals through working with a variety of clients in the profit and not-for-profit environments.  She is passionate about bringing sustainability to businesses through connecting its people to a purpose and creating a cohesive and sustainable culture that encourages high performance. Her goal is to give busy, talented leaders a challenging but supportive platform to resolve their most pressing issues.  She partners with senior leaders and managers to develop their authentic leadership style as it pertains to the constantly changing environment they face.  She coaches them and and their teams to identify their purpose both as individuals and as a team and how that aligns to the overall strategic agenda .  She encourages leaders to understand their biases as it pertains to  talent and culture  and ESG and helps them sort through the multitude of often conflicting demands placed on them while also challenging them take  accountability for their behaviours and their performance.

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